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Will Blanton
Hi! My name is Will, I'm from Richmond, VA. I make videogames, electronic music, and art. I love video games, game jams, karaoke, cheeseburgers, and nice people.


I've been making games for the past several years, even though I've wanted to make them for my entire life - I recommend you start earlier if you share the same interest.

I am a co-founder, organizer, and active participant of RVA Game Jams, a project started with my friend and karaoke cohort Lauren Vee to bring together game developers (and aspiring developers) in the Richmond area to participate, collaborate, and enjoy game jams. Game jams are rapid game development challenges and competitions - they're super intense, and crazy fun. If you make games, or if you want to make games, you definitely need to give it a shot.

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